Applications of Suncue solar water heater :
Residence, Hotel, Dorm, Swimming pool, pre-heating system for industrial use...etc.
After the cold water inside the solar collector absorbs solar radiation, the density decreases and the weight turns lighter, it naturally rises up into the water tank; while the cold water down in the bottom of the water tank, the density and weight are bigger and it naturally goes down to the solar collector and continues to absorb solar radiation. This theory is called “Natural Circulating Type
(1) The designed systems are simple and durable, no extra electricity is needed.
(2) Controlling element is not necessary and no need for maintenance.
The system will stay functional as long as glass and water clog are cleaned regularly.

Most suitable for residence use and is also applicable for hotel, dorm. etc.
Installation photos of Natural Circulating type solar water heater
When water temperature inside the solar collector is over 3℃ than the one inside the water tank, using pump to push the cold water inside the water tank to the solar collector to absorb solar radiation. After the cold water absorbs heat, it will flow to the water tank. Such theory is called “Enforcing Circulating Type
Suitable for heavy hot water system use.
(1) Extra outer force is needed for circulating and it is electricity consuming.
(2) It is equipped with temperature controller, motor, pump, multiple pipes and plugs.
(3)Complicated spare parts and require for professional maintenance.
Suitable for heavy hot water system (handle over 10 tons water/day ) such as pre-heating system for industrial use, swimming pool …etc.
Installation photos of Enforcing circulating type solar water heater
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