Suncue was established in 1966 with head office locates in Wu Fong, Taichung county.Suncue is the biggest solar water heater company in Taiwan with 130 employees , 7600 pen factory ,and with capital of NTD 168 millions.
Fear free for fuel price increase! Take advantage of free solar energy. The earlier you use, the more you save!
Knowing solar water heater
Type of Solar Water Heater : Natural circulating type & Enforcing Circulating type.
Solar Water Heater can be used to residence, hotel, dorm, swimming pool and industrial pre-heating system..etc.
Elements for good quality Solar water heater | Best heat absorbing function| Best heat-sustain design | Highest usage of heated water | Best durability | Most Economic, Safe and Convenience | Synchronizing with Japanese manufacturer
Conditions you need to consider when you purchase Solar Water Heater.
Suncue’s whole product series satisfy all your need and we provide free planning service.
Suncue has been established for over 40 years and we offer everlasting service to all our customers. Professional Research. Automatic Production. Quality Control. Our distributor service centers spread around the island to provide instant service to our customers.
The most meaningful career :
Choose a career that contribute to the customers and the whole society. Solar water heater is the best choice.
You can enjoy all the advantages such as comfort, economy and energy saving Suncue Solar Water Heater provides.
If you are interested in our products or require any other service, please fill in below information and we will contact with you ASAP.

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