Electrical full automatic electric booster main control box

Adopt fully automatic electric booster, no need for manual operation. Offering hot water all year round even on cloudy and rainy days.
Micro computerized full automatic electric
booster main control box (outdoor)

Deluxe operation box

Providing seven safety devices to ensure safety.
Open type anti-explosion storage tank. No explosion and stay shaped
Temperature Setting
Water temperature test
Start heating controller
Breaker for leaking of electricity
breaker for over heat
protector for short circuit.
24hrs automatic abnormal sensor and display any abnormal signal
Easy for installation. Suitable for all kinds of roofs.
Standard installation
Above ladder room
Roof topz
Terra cotta
Terra cotta + construction rack
Tilting roof+ construction rack
Roof top
Roof top
Roof top
Suncue solar water heater, easy to use, safe and energy saving
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Pre-heating system for industrial use
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