Pioneered cold water in and hot water out design. The heated water usage is the highest. Guaranteed stable water temperature when you take a shower.
(1)Cold water intake buffer :
It controls cold water to flow slowly into the bottom of storage tank to prevent cold water from mixing with hot water rapidly.
(2)Divided pipe of hot water :
It guides hot water inside the solar collector to the top of the storage tank to prevent cold water from mixing with hot water.
(3)Floating outlet of hot water :
The patent floating device ensures to take the hottest water from the top of the storage tank.

Stand-Alone tank with cold water intake buffer and floating hot water outlet device can it lead to the highest usage of heated water.
(1)Stand-Alone storage tank design : hot water outlet will not be affected by cold water inlet. The hot water usage is about 90%.
(2)Additional solar water heater can be added in accordance with family member change.
Analysis of Suncue hot water usage
The highest hot water usage of Suncue solar water heater : 90%
Analysis of hot water usage from other brands
The hot water usage from other brand : about 70%
Exclusively adopts open air design. The hot water inside the storage tank can be used up even during water supply suspension and electricity blackout. For close type design, hot water outlet must be forced by cold water inlet.
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