Synchronizing with Japanese manufacturer
Adopting 「HDPE TANK」which provides high performance for thermal insulation . Main Japanese solar water heater companies such as YAZAKI, MATSUSHITA, HITACHI, KYOCERA, NORITZ, CHOFU…etc all adopt HDPE material for storage tank.
Features of HDPE
Scientific name
High-density polyethylene
Heat withstand
Power resistance 350kg/cm2
anti-chlorine and corrosion resistant. No water clog, good thermal insulation performance
FDA approved container for eatable foods

Adopting triple thermal insulation design, with high pressurization. Heat insulation ability is enhanced.
(1)First thermal insulation design :
Import Compri Foam from Japan
.Insulation material used by bullet train in Japan
.Weather resistant/ water proof/ good hermetic performance
.Providing moisture from entering into the solar collector to cause fog.
(2)Second thermal insulation design :
Glass Fiber
.High density glass fiber, low heat transmission efficiency,
.High thermal insulation, no burning, corrosion resistant.
.Anti-humidity, anti-moss, anti-aging.

(3)Third thermal insulation design :
High density resin foam
.Tight molecule arrangement, good thermal insulation
.Even foam texture, and stable quality

Heat loss is reduced by covered pipe route and short pipe route design.
(1)Covered circulating pipes, vertical design without bend. Heat is well kept

SUNCUE adopts covered circulating pipes

Other brand adopts uncover circulating pipes
(2)The outer shape of Suncue product is elegant and delicate to enrich your living environment. Our products synchronize with Japanese leading brands.
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