Exclusively produce high efficient plate-shaped solar collector in Taiwan. Heat is directly transmitted from the upper absorber plate into the cold water beneath it. The heat transmission route is short and fast that leads to the highest heat absorbing efficiency.
Water fills up inside the plate-shaped solar collector and the water volume is over 2 times of the one inside the tube-shaped solar collector.? Water volume is big, circulation is fast, heat absorbing efficiency is high and not easy to get water clog.
Plate-shaped solar collector
90% of the solar collector is filled with water
Material : SUS444 Stainless steel
Solar collector : 26 plate shaped multi-flow solar collector
Water spread beneath solar collector : 90%
Heated water volume : 5.6 liter

Regular Tube-shaped solar collector
Only 15% of the solar collcetor is filled with water
Material : cooper
Solar collector : 8~12 multi-flow solar collector
Water spread beneath solar collector : 10~18%
Heated water volume :? around 2.3 liter

Innovative divided pipe of hot water patent design which leads the hot water inside the solar collector into the top of the water tank. Increasing the temperature gap and enhancing the efficiency of the solar collector.
Adopting big reflective plate, enhancing solar collecting performance enormously.
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