Model SK-45

Solar collector (pcs)

Water storage tank (liter) 300
Recommended usage (persons) 5-6
Collector surface area (m²) 4.29
Collector Special stainless steel imported from Japan
Heat retaining tank Special stainless steel imported from Japan
Solar collector Absorption film Selective absorption film imported from Japan
with high absorbing efficiency and low reflection rate
Insulation material Airtight seal specifically for solar water heater, molded high-density
foamed resin and glass fiber; all imported from Japan
Cover Plate Tempered glass specifically for solar water heater
Outer Case and reflective plate Non-magnetic SUS304 stainless steel
Internal circulation pipes Little heat loss, not exposed to sunlight, strong with long life span
Auxiliary electric heating Fully-automatic electrical auxiliary heating ensures hot water everyday
Approx. weight (kg)
(including water storage tank, solar collector, water inlet tank and stand)
Empty 194.7
Full 517
Circulation method Natural circulation (hot water ascends and cold water descends naturally)
The electrical or micro-computer control box for automatic auxiliary electrical heating device is optional.
For region with poor water quality, please consult with your local distributors or contact us.

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