Conditions you need to consider when you purchase Solar Water Heater.
1. Number of persons for usage :
Calculate hot water usage per day according to the number of persons. It takes about 50 Liter per person per day for shower usage .
2. Purpose of hot water :
For family use or for dorm use. For shower or for basin use.
3. Shower facility:
It takes about 50 Liter per person per day for shower facility.
about 120 liter for bath.
around 180 liter for Jacuzzi.
4. Habit for water usage :
If water usage scatters, it is preferable to purchase individual tank model (such as SP/NSP/SK) ; If water usage consenters, it is preferable to use large water volume tank model (such as SK45/NSK45)

Suncue’s whole product series satisfy all your need and we provide free planning service.

All models are combinable according to customers’ demand. Numbers of solar water heaters can be added flexibly if the family numbers increase. Solar water heater can provide hot water for different purposes. Aside for shower, the hot water can also be used for washing dishes. Dishwashing liquid is no longer needed. Bactericidal and environment friendly.
   TOP-128 Series
 SP-125 系列介紹
   TOP-168 Series
 NSP-168 系列介紹
   SK-45 Series
 SK-45 系列介紹
   NSK-45 Series
 NSK-45 系列介紹

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