1.How much does solar water heater cost ?
The price of solar water heater differs according to the numbers of using people. The choices of different models are concerning the numbers of using people, habits of using water, sanitary equipments and roof types.. etc.
You can choose model of 250~500L for small family with 4~6 members, and the price is between NTD 50,000~NTD 70,000.
The exact price will only be offered after professional examination of the installed site by our distributors.
2.Which type of water heater is cheaper ? Solar water heater , electric water heater or gas water heater ?
You only need to spend the installation fee once for solar water heater and no more gas bill and electric bill.
You can recover the cost in 3 years compared with electric water heater; and 5 years compared with gas water heater. With proper usage and regular maintenance, a good quality solar water heater can last for over 20 years; therefore, it is for sure the solar water heater which is the cheapest one.
You can save more if you choose to install solar water heater earlier, especially when the fuel oil price is increasing enormously recently.
3.What is the highest hot water temperature solar water heater can produce ? What should we do on rainy days or cloudy days ?
The hot water temperature of the solar water heater differs according to the sun days and climate. The hot water temperature in summer time is around 60~80℃ and 60~70℃ in winner in southern Taiwan.
The average sun days in Taiwan is over 280 days a year. Therefore, it is sensible and wise to take advantage of free solar energy. You can also use electric booster to heat up hot water during rainy days when the hot water temperature is low.
4.Is there any space requirement for installing solar water heater ? How big is needed ?
The average sun days in Taiwan is over 280 days a year. Therefore, it is sensible and wise to take advantage of free solar energy. You can also use electric booster to heat up hot water during rainy days when the hot water temperature is low.
The space needed depends on the model you require to purchase. Take Suncue standard model SP375 for example, the required space is about 3.3 m (W) X 2 m (L).
5.What are the main elements of a solar water heater ? How long does it take to install a solar water heater ?
A solar water heater consists of 5 main parts which include solar collector, water tank, electric booster, inlet tank and stand.
Suncue solar water heater adopts modular design with easy installation. It only takes about 1 day to complete the installation.
We suggest you plan in advance and reserve hot water pipeline and installation platform, by doing so can it help you save money and time, which is more convenient and efficient.
6.How to install solar water heater in old houses without reserving pipeline to the top roof ?
Old houses with reserving pipeline can also install solar water heater after installing exposed pipe with thermal insulation material.
The performance of thermal insulation is concerned with the material used. With proper & high quality thermal insulation material, its thermal insulation performance is better than houses with reserved pipeline.
7.How many choices of electric booster in solar water heater ?
There are two options for Suncue solar water heater electric boosters. Full automatic electric booster and Full automatic micro computerized booster.
When the hot water usage time is fixed, we suggest you choose electric type booster with which you can set multiple heating time upon installation. No need for additional setting.
Micro computerized type booster provides indoor display showing hot water temperature and all settings. You can operate all kinds of functions indoors. This design is more user-friendly and considerate.
8.What is the difference among Suncue solar water heater and other brands in the market ?
Suncue solar water heater is the only brand nationwide that adopts SUS444 stainless steel plate-shaped solar collector exclusively for solar collector imported from Japan. Suncue is also the only brand in Taiwan that is awarded “IT’S VERY WELL MADE IN TAIWAN” award and “Green mark” for all series.
Suncue solar water heater has the characteristics of best quality material, highest solar collecting performance and most economic and convenient. Suncue products are highly recognized by consumers and we have market share up to 34% in Taiwan which is the No. 1 brand nationwide.
9.How long is the warranty period ? How long can solar water heater last ?
The standard warranty of Suncue solar water heater is one (1) year; the consuming spare parts are exclusive in the warranty period.
The materials Suncue solar water heater use are SUS444 stainless steel plate-shaped solar collector, which is synchronizing with Japan, HDPE water tank and high density glass fiber. All of them are of semi-permanent materials. Suncue solar water heater adopts natural circulating, the elements we use are simple with low malfunction rate. Heat- resistance circulating rubber water pipe or heating electric pipe will only need to be replaced after years of use. Therefore, we have many users who have been using Suncue solar water heater for over 20 years.
10.What is the difference between SUS444 stainless steel solar collector and Copper pipe copper-plate solar collector ?
SUS444 stainless steel is a material which is designed exclusively for solar collector in Japan with the characteristics of anti-chlorine and corrosion resistant.
Suncue exclusively adopts plate-shaped solar collector with 26 diamond-shaped solar collector passages. Through direct heat transmission, the solar collecting performance is much better than indirect heat transmission of cooper plate solar collectors.
11.How many material types are there for solar water tank?and what are the differences ?
There are three (3) material types for solar water tank. SUS444, HDPE and SUS304.
The corrosion resistant performance of HDPE and SUS444 is better than SUS304. The thermal insulation performance of HDPE water tank is the best. The surface HDPE water tank is smooth and causes no water clog.
Main Japanese solar water heater manufacturers such as YAZAKI, MATSUSHITA, HITACHI, KYOCERA all adopt HDPE water tank. There are no manufacturers who use SUS304 as water tank material.
12.Does solar water heater require for regular clean and maintenance after installation ?
The clean and maintenance of solar water heater include internal and external.
For external clean and maintenance : Use clean water to clean the surface of the glass to prevent dust from affecting the solar collecting performance.
For internal clean and maintenance : Water clog might incur after long term usage. Suncue solar water heater is designed with cleaning hole on water tank and solar collector for easy cleaning.
What solar water heater fears the most is the water clog in both water tank and solar collector. Therefore, it is extremely important to purchase solar water heater with cleaning hole. Regular and proper maintenance can prolong the life of solar water heater.
The cleaning frequency varies from water quality in different areas and water usage habit in each family. It normally takes 1~2 times per year for cleaning.
13.There are many types of solar water heaters produced by Suncue. How to make the choice ?
Elements needed to be considered when making choices :

(1) Population for water usage : The water usage is bigger when the using population is big.It takes about 50l/person averagely by shower.

(2) Area for installation : Solar water heater must be installed by facing South. Therefore, the size for installed area is also one of the elements that affects the choice of types.
(3) Habit of using hot water : If water usage scatters, it is preferable to purchase individual tank model (such as SP/NSP/SK) ; If water usage consenters, it is preferable to use large water volume tank model (such as SK45/NSK45)
14.What aspects should consumers pay attention to when purchase solar water heater in Taiwan where typhoons and earthquakes incur frequently ?
Due to solar water heater must be installed on the roof of the building, therefore, the stand firmness and the entire construction of the solar water heater are extremely important. Hiring qualified solar water heater installer is highly recommended for safety concern.
15.How to make pre-plan when build up new houses for future solar water heater installation ?
Reserve 3 x 3 platform (for 5~6 family members) for future solar water heater installation.
Reserve hot water pipe line connecting to the roof in each floor enable to provide hot water to each floor after installing solar water heater in the future.
Reserving hot water pipe along with thermal insulation can efficiently reduce heat loss and enhance thermal insulation performance.
Reserve single phase/220V power cable connecting to the roof for installing electrical booster in the future.
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