Suncue welcomes you to be our distributors. If you are interested and have strong desire to join our service team, we will provide you with complete training courses. We will not only train you as our contracted distributor, but we will also assist you to become the qualified installer for solar water heater recognized by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
1 The market for Solar Water Heater is hot with great potential
Market is hot :
The fuel and electricity prices keep on increasing and solar water heater is the best choice for energy and money saving. Our sales grow enormously and our growth rate is higher than the whole market.
High potential :
In accordance with the green policy from the Executive Yuan released in July.2008, there will be approximate 140,000 new users for solar water heater in 4 years. This action will boost the solar water heater market in Taiwan.
2 Meaningful career
Solar water heater plays an important role in energy preservation and environment protection. By introducing solar water heater not only helps users save money but also contributes to the whole society.
Be the No. 1 brand –Suncue
Suncue is a trust worthy brand with the biggest market share. We can offer you with the most complete and comprehensive training courses and help you create a new career.
4 Complete set of marketing resources
1.all kinds of marketing tools .
2.more than 120 wall advertisements in Taiwan
4.Sales and know-how training courses
5. Distributor sigh
6. Decoration
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