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1. Speedy Drying
2. User friendly & Easy Maintenance.
3. High Durability
4. Fast installation.
5. Multiple safety devices.

Model MD-150 MD-165

(1liter= 680g )

7000~15000 kg 7000~16500 kg
Dimension Length (mm) 5223
Width (mm) 3463
Height (mm) 9661 10272
Net weight(kg)approx 3075 3170
Burner Model Gun type, Double nozzle, 2 stage proportional automatic control, Spray burner
Ignition Hi-pressure automatic ignition
Combustion 54 L / hr
Fuel Kerosene / Premium diesel / Biomass
Voltage 3 Phase , 220V/ 380V/ 415V/ 440V, 50/  60Hz
Power Consumption 11.75 kW
Function Loading 69 min (approx.) 75 min (approx.)
Unloading 63 min (approx.) 70 min (approx.)
Drying Rate 2.5~3.5% / hr 1.8~2.6% / hr
Safety Devices Thermo-over relay¡BAir pressure switch¡BFull load buzzer¡BTimer¡B
Control fuse¡BFlame sensor¡BAbnormal combustion sensor
¡°Drying rate list is for reference only. Actual data will differ by ambient temperature, relative humidity, grain variety, hot air temperature, moisture rate before and after drying.
¡°Specification subject to change without notice.