suncue company
Model SB-40 SB-80 SB-130
thermal energy
380,000  kcal/hr (approx) 800,000  kcal/hr (approx.) 130million kcal/hr (approx.)
Husk consumption 128 kg /hr
(approx, under maximum combustion)
270 kg /hr
(approx, under maximum combustion)
420 kg /hr
(approx, under maximum combustion)
Exhausted ash 17 kg /hr
(approx, under maximum combustion)
36 kg /hr
(approx, under maximum combustion)
55 kg /hr
(approx, under maximum combustion)
Net weight(Ton)approx. 10 17.4 21.1
Equally to diesel consumption 43 Liter/Hr(approx) 91 Liter/Hr(approx) 148 Liter/Hr(approx)
CO2 emission reduction 2.8ton/day(approx.) 5.9ton/day(approx.) 9.6ton/day(approx.)
Days of usage/year 120 180 120 180 120 180
Yearly CO2 emission reduction 334 ton(approx.) 502 ton(approx.) 708 ton(approx.) 1,061ton(approx.) 1,151 ton(approx.) 1,726 ton(approx .)
Equal to forest area 17 Hectare(approx.) 25 Hectare(approx.) 35 Hectare(approx.) 53 Hectare(approx.) 58 Hectare(approx.) 86 Hectare(approx.)
Yearly Diesel saved
per SB unit
124,000 186,000 262,000 393,000 426,000 639,000
Total horse power 4.68kW 10.5kW 16.75kW

Attached dryers

SUPER-60×3(Commercial Paddy) SUPER-60×7(Commercial Paddy) SUPER-60×13(Commercial Paddy)
SUPER-60×4(Paddy seed) SUPER-60×8(Paddy seed) SUPER-60×14~16(Paddy seed)
SUPER-120×3(Commercial Paddy) SUPER-120×6(Commercial Paddy) SUPER-120×10(Commercial Paddy)
SUPER-120×4(Paddy seed) SUPER-120×7~9( Paddy seed) SUPER-120×11~13(Paddy seed)
SUPER-300×1(Commercial Paddy) SUPER-300×3(Commercial Paddy) SUPER-300×5 (Commercial Paddy)
SUPER-300×2(Paddy seed) SUPER-300×4(Paddy seed) SUPER-300×6~7(Paddy seed)
MD-165B×1 MD-165B×2 MD-165B×3
Safety Devices Flame sensor, Abnormal combustion sensor, Explosion-protected device,
Automatic abnormal Safe Guard , Rotation sensor, Thermo-over Relay, Control Fuse.
Biomass Selection : Paddy husk.
Specification subject to change without notice.
Thermal energy, husk consumption and exhausted ash production listed are for reference only. Actual data will differ from variety, moisture content and impurity rate.
Drying rate and attached dryer unit listed are for reference only. Actual data will differ from ambient temperature, relative humidity,
grain variety, hot air temperature, moisture rate before and after drying.