suncue company


1. The only option to enhance grain taste.
2. The only way to create well-know brand.
3. Far Infrared grain dryer equals to high rice taste, speedy drying, fuel save and low drying cost.
4. High taste brings discrepancy, so can be ahead of other competitors.

Model NP-120e
Capacity Paddy (1Liter= 560g ) 1500~12000 kgs
Wheat (1Liter= 680g ) 1800~14550 kgs
Dimension Length (mm) 3670
Width (mm) 2660
Height (mm) 9836
Net weight(kg)approx. 2270
Burner Model Gun Type,Double Nozzle,Spray Burner
Ignition Automatic ignition
Combustion 15.6 L hr
Fuel Kerosene or Premium Diesel
Power Consumption 3 Phase , 220V/ 380V/ 415V/ 440V, 50/ 60Hz
6.35 kW
Function Loading 60 min (approx.)
Unloading 58 min (approx.)
Drying Rate 0.5~1.7% / hr
Safety Devices Thermo-over Relay, Air Pressure Switch, Full Load Buzzer, Timer,
Abnormal Combustion Sensor, Control Fuse,  Flame Sensor, Rotation Sensor
Drying rate list is for reference only. Actual data will differ by ambient temperature, relative humidity, grain variety, hot air temperature, moisture rate before and after drying.
Specification subject to change without notice.