SPC-15 E SPC-50 Pre-cleaner

1. Capacity: 5~15 E 20~50 tons/hr.
2. Professional precleaner is capable of winnow and sieve filtering at the same time.
3. Increase loading capacity and drying efficiency. Power and fuel saving.
4. Reduce uneven moisture grain.
The handling capacity listed above is based on using Japanese combine harvester.
  If impurity rate and moisture content are too high, then the actual handling capacity might be lower than listed.

SE Bucket Elevator

1. Capacity: 13/25/50 tons/hr
2. 13/25 tons: gear motor/coupling transmission
    50 tons: skid gear motor/coupling transmission
3. Seed lifting and durable design; assure grain kernels without breakage.
4. No V-belt avoid to skid, slack, broken and block.

SFC Chain Conveyor

1. Capacity: 30/50 tons/hr
2. Seed conveying design with grain protection device.
3. High conveying efficiency and low noise design.

SS-135 Corn Sheller

1. Application : Corncob
2. Capacity: 8~13.5 tons/hr
3. Auto-separate corn and cob, plus aspiration with air blower.


1. Flexible assembly: Dust separate will not be affected by the position, either horizontal or vertical installation.
2. High efficiency of dust collection: Work properly even under the dust and humidity environment.
3. Low consumables: No need for regular replacement of consumables like filter bag.
4. Layout optimization: Easily reduce the dust room space.

TD-6 Portable moisture tester for paddy and wheat

Paddy, Brown rice, Polished rice, Barley, Wheat, Rye.

VS-6 Portable moisture tester for vegetable seed

Rapeseed, Chilli, Tomato, Eggplant, Cucumber, Radish.

CS-R Computerized moisture meter

1. Computerized moisture meter controls grain moisture precisely.
2. Online monitoring moisture content of drying grain.
3. Prevent from over-dry, keep good rice quality, no weight loss and no waste of oil, electricity, and time.

Single kernel moisture meter

ApplicationG paddy, rice, polished rice, barley, wheat
1. Accuracy.
Printing function installed.
3. Simple operation.
4. Average calculation.
5. Display moisture distribution.
6. Measure kernels one by one.
7. Moisture management

Portable Japonica Rice Quality Meter

Application (Japonica rice only)GMature Rice, Immature Rice, Damaged Rice, Dead Rice, Fissured Rice, Broken Rice.
1. Easy operation.
2. Light, compact design.
3. High accuracy.

Portable Taste Analytic Meter

ApplicationGMoisture, Protein, Long-chain Starch, Fat Acid, Taste Summarized Evaluation
1. Simple operation.
2. Light, compact design.
3. PC communication available.
4. Standard of contest.
5. Product management.
6. Record management.