1. Speedy Drying
2. User friendly & Easy Maintenance.
3. High Durability
4. Fast installation.
5. Multiple safety devices.

Model MD-165-150 MD-165


7000~15000 kg 7000~16500 kg
Dimension Length (mm) 5341
Width (mm) 3626
Height (mm) 9661 10272
Net weight(kg)approx. 3075 3170
Burner Type Gun type
Combustion 54 L / hr
Fuel Kerosene or Premium diesel
Voltage 3P, 220V/380V/415V/440V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 11.75 kW
Function Loading 69 min (approx.) 75 min (approx.)
Discharge 63 min (approx.) 70 min (approx.)
Drying Rate 2.5~3.5% / hr 1.8~2.6% / hr
Safety Devices Thermo-over relay, Air pressure switch, Full load buzzer, Timer,
Flame sensor, Control fuse, Abnormal combustion sensor
Above numbers and drying rate are derived from reducing moisture in paddy from 26% to 15%, wheat/corn from 30% to 12.5% w for reference only. Actual results vary among different ambient temperature, relative humidity, grain varieties, hot air temperature, moisture content before and after drying.
The specification and graph is for reference only. Actual specification of SUNCUE product shall be based on the Sales Confirmation which customers sign and delivered products.
Specification subject to change without notice.